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Here at Kitchens Durham 1 we manufacture the highest quality Kitchen Unit on the market today and we sell directly to the customer.

At Kitchens Durham 1 we pride ourselves in offering customers the very best quality-for-money kitchen appliances in the entire world.

Kitchens Durham 1 offers one of the best ranges of kitchens in the UK at the lowest prices. We are the largest private owned kitchen company in the world, delivering the best value on new kitchens to thousands of homes in the UK.

We source our own materials and have our own sustainable forests, granite mine and quarry.

Not only are our prices much lower than every other kitchen company in the UK but we do something that no other kitchen company in the UK does and that's giving you the ability to only pay for your kitchen when it's been delivered to your home and you're happy with every single component.

Whit www.kitchensdurham1.co.uk, you get all-inclusive kitchen solutions under one roof. Our kitchen collection is extensive, and includes traditional, contemporary and bespoke designs, besides many others. We offer an equally extensive choice in worktops, unit doors, appliances, walls and floorings, and all other kitchen accessories.

Our vast selection of kitchen units and styles can meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Browse through over 50 different designs in our catalogue. Envision your future kitchen with solid wood, laminate or granite worktops. You can even match your home decor with our vast range of custom finish doors. The possibilities are endless....with Kitchens Durham 1, you will get an attractive and fully-functional kitchen that you have always dreamed of.

Look through our range online - the numerous options and unbelievably low prices will amaze you. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote over the phone or via e-mail today, and reward yourself with a fully-functional, great looking kitchen at an unbelievable price.

Deposit Information

Kitchens Durham 1 operates a very straightforward payment protection scheme that provides the ultimate guarantee of your complete satisfaction, which is unmatched in the industry.

We ask for a small deposit as confirmation of your order - this is typically as low as £100 - after which we require no further payment until satisfactory delivery and inspection of the goods has been achieved.

When delivery is completed, we ask that you satisfy yourself that all the items ordered have been received, that they are in good condition and not damaged, and that all the goods have been supplied in the colours or finishes that you requested.

Final payment will not be requested until you have checked that the delivered items meet your expectations and are of satisfactory quality.

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